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DreamWare Inc. web apps are designed with a strong focus on scalable mobile design. This allows users to enjoy the same experience across all of their smart devices.

Cloud Computing

All DreamWare Inc. web apps are backed by cloud servers. This ensures the quickest response speed no matter how many people are using an app.

Dedicated Team

The core development team has been working together for over 2 years, and is always working on the next idea while focusing on collaboration and excellence.

World Lister
A smarter way to sell online.

The fastest, most efficient way to list items to online marketplaces like eBay (Shopify currently in alpha testing). It's the only free Web application that both simplifies and demystifies the process of listing items. It can be used on any Smartphone, tablet, or desktop - the way mobile eCommerce should be. World Lister guides you step-by-step and generates a complete, attractive listing that reflects the true value of your new or used items.

Savvy Seller
The go-to resource for online sellers.

SavvySeller.co is a community site created for beginner to expert online sellers. Here, you’ll find helpful tips, insider info, and news.We’re here to help you succeed in establishing and building your online business, however big or small.

Car Lister

The first social eCommerce platform is here.


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